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Businesses are looking for creative methods to communicate with their customers in today’s fast-paced, time-constrained world. The way that companies communicate with their customers has been completely transformed by the usage of artificial intelligence (AI).

SimboConnect is one recent example of an AI-powered communication platform that has grown in popularity.

Introduction about SimboConnect:

SimboConnect is a medical scheduling tool driven by AI that can place and receive phone calls. It helps medical professionals to reduce workload as it can address up to 30% of queries on its own.

SimboConnect can help with:

– Appointment scheduling requests

– Refill requests

– Callback-related inquiries

– Billing requests

– Regular queries like office address or hours.

SimboConnect can also automate all outbound calls, triage patients to collect key clinical information, or deliver information like a post-procedure follow-up, medication change check-in, and filling custom patient intake forms, among others.

Benefits of Voice AI Communication Bot

One of the biggest advantages of adopting an AI-powered communication tool, like SimboConnect, is its ability to predict and control the sorts of engagement that are most appropriate for your target audience and show the success rate of presentations using a variety of data.

  • Reduce Cost: (Inbound & Outbound calls)

Compared to staff or human-based call center organizations, it is considerably less expensive. It lessens reliance on existing employees and aids in reducing staffing issues like turnover and shortages. 

All inbound calls could be automated, which would save money and staff time because the bot can handle as many parallel calls as you wish, spikes are also not a worry. SimboConnect can also make staff management efficient by streamlining the process.

All outbound calls done to patients can also be automated, which can help in call management to patients for example, patients who need post-procedure follow-up, pre-visit check-in, post-visit check-in, chronic disease management, etc.

  •  Efficient and Effective:

SimboConnect is available 24×7 and can handle call overload, so you won’t have to stress about paying for expensive after-hours services for answering calls.

SimboConnect can adapt to your after-hours protocol and emergency needs giving patients quick access to medical help whenever they need it. 

SimboConnect can provide rule-based alerts as there are many times when you may have to prioritize certain actions based on inbound or outbound caller’s condition. We can help you create those rules to prioritize accordingly.

  •  Clinical Management:

Tasks will not get missed or forgotten. The AI-powered communication tool is capable of handling patient inquiries, prioritizing them, and, if necessary, escalating them to the office staff. Healthcare practitioners can make data-driven decisions, thanks to the dashboard and analytics of the platform, which provide real-time data and insights into how the technology is performing.

With no more missed patient calls, you provide the best patient experience without overloading your front desk or admin staff with phone calls, enabling them to focus on other important tasks.

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction:

 Providing patients with immediate access to clinical assistance at any time they need can help to improve patient satisfaction and engagement by removing the large sources of frustration for engaging patients. Clinical “check-in” between visits keeps patients engaged, and it has 360-degree follow-up and closure.

 In addition, SimboConnect has access-controlled infrastructure, is fully HIPAA compliant, and was created with security and privacy in mind. This gives patients and healthcare practitioners peace of mind by guaranteeing that all patient information is kept confidential and secure.


  •  Inbound Calls:

 SimboConnect can receive your patient calls either when your staff can’t or all the time. It is clinically trained and can light-triage your patients and take care of their requests/queries.

  • Outbound Calls:

SimboConnect can automate all outbound calls, and triage patients to collect key clinical information.

  •  Dashboard:

 Track all patient calls and derive advanced analytics to identify the patient conversation in detail.

  •  Natural Conversations:

 Uses human-like AI to interact with patients and understand patients.

  •  Your Practice Your Rules:

Leverage SimboConnect to automate tasks you want & engage your staff only when you want.

 There are several applications for SimboConnect in the healthcare sector. By enabling patients to make appointments using a voice-based interface, it can simplify the appointment scheduling process. Additionally, it can manage refill requests, freeing up the work of the medical personnel and cutting down on patient wait times. SimboConnect also offers information about the practice, post-procedure follow-up, and medication change check-ins, all of which can enhance the patient experience.

 Task SimboConnect can automate:

  1.  Inbound calls:

Simbo’s clinically trained bot works like AI powered medical answering service and can help in Inbound calling tasks like:

  • Refill requests.
  • Appointment requests.
  • Information about the practice.
  • Triage questions for clinical staff.

2.  Outbound calls:

Simbo’s clinically trained AI bot can make outgoing phone calls to automate routine tasks like:

  • Post-procedure / medication-change check-in.
  • Chronic disease / mental health check-in.
  • Pre-visit check-in e.g. Covid questionnaire, appointment confirmation, or in-take forms.
  • Routine lab test phone calls.

 Overall, SimboConnect is an AI communication tool that can revolutionize the healthcare industry. It improves staff efficiency, reduces costs, and improves patient satisfaction and engagement. With its vast clinical knowledge base and customizable features, SimboConnect can streamline tasks, improve clinical management, and auto-assign tasks to staff. It is the perfect solution for healthcare practices looking to improve their patient engagement and satisfaction.

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