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Whether someone supervises a healthcare center, a retail store, or a hotel, in time-poor seasons, it means extra hours at the office, less time with friends and family, and tons of stress about how to get work done. However, by engaging with a call overflow answering service, staff can be free from answering phones and focus on getting their work done.

A medical practitioner is well aware of the rapidly growing number of compliance regulations that staff members are expected to follow. As the medical profession develops and as technology becomes a more dominant part of the medical industry, physicians and their staff will be hard-pressed to assemble their offices as proficiently as possible while also supplying their patients with the best care possible.

One of the major challenges that a medical practice has to deal with is a huge influx of calls. These calls, which will often come regularly every day, can take up an important amount of a doctor’s front office time. Nonetheless, these are critical calls, ranging from appointment setting and insurance calls to critical and potentially life-threatening circumstances. Occasionally, it might occur that a physician gets stuck between a rock and a hard place and the office staff might be away for serious chores but when such things happen, a medical call answering service can help free up office staff while also providing patients with even better service.


How AI can tackle call overflow answering service in your medical practice:

Healthcare clinics often have just enough staff to take care of patients and perform required administrative tasks, including phone calls. But when the call volume are huge and a receptionist cannot respond to them, or during a staff meeting when no one is free to respond to phones, the caller is either held up or sent to voicemail.

Overflow call answering is effortless to set up and requires no extra appliances like servers, software, or phones. Answering service representatives can be supervised to pick up calls, and receptionists can professionally and positively maintain all patient health information.

With a team of virtual receptionists, ready to respond to the calls that the physician and his staff aren’t able to, their patients will no longer be put on hold or left waiting. And of course, answering service receptionists can reply to calls after office hours or on weekends.

AI call-overflow medical answering services will assist medical practices in many ways. First and foremost, it will reduce the number of unscreened calls that end up on the phone lines of office staff. By recognizing where calls need to be directed, answering services will decrease the number of calls that office staff are required to forward.

AI call-overflow medical answering services can also respond to easy questions as well as supply appointment updates and other scheduling services to patients. If and when relevant, they can escalate the call to office staff, so patients always feel like they are valued and respected.

If a patient calls after hours, the answering service can respond to their queries and in emergency situations can alter the doctors. Answering service can make sure patients queries are getting answered real time or in office hours so further actions can be taken.


About SimboConnect:

SimboConnect is a medical scheduling tool driven by AI that can place and receive phone calls. It helps medical professionals reduce their workload as it can address up to 30% of queries on its own.

SimboConnect can help with:

-Appointment scheduling

-Refill requests

-Callback-related inquiries

-Billing requests 

-Regular queries like office addresses or hours.

SimboConnect Connect can also automate all outbound calls, triage patients to collect key clinical information, or deliver information like a post-procedure follow-up, medication change check-in, and filling out custom patient intake forms, among others.

Inbound Calls- SimboConnect can receive your patient’s calls either when your staff can’t or all the time. It is clinically trained and can light-triage your patients and take care of their requests/queries. A clinically trained AI bot that can understand clinical terminology and triage patients.

Outbound Calls- SimboConnect can automate all outbound calls, and triage patients to collect critical clinical information.

Dashboard- Track all patient calls and derive advanced analytics to identify the patient conversation in detail.

Natural Conversations- Uses human-like AI to interact with patients and understand patients.


There are several applications for SimboConnect in the healthcare sector. By enabling patients to make appointments using a voice-based interface, it can simplify the appointment scheduling process. Additionally, it can manage refill requests, freeing up the work of medical personnel and cutting down on patient wait times. SimboConnect also offers information about the practice, post-procedure follow-up, and medication change check-ins, which can enhance the patient experience.


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