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Virtual Resident Doctor with Human-Like Intelligence

Secure and HIPAA-Compliant

Creates EMR Documentation for Doctors Seemlessly


Simbo will be the most progressive and natural upgrade in the medicinal field till date with its human-like skills to comprehend all healthcare stakeholders' needs. Simbo, with its human-like intelligence is skilled to assist Doctors in their day to day tasks, ensuring they focus only on treating Patients. For everything else they have Simbo!

Voice-based, secure and HIPAA-compliant assistant for efficient Clinical Documentation.
A digital assistant acting like a real doctor helping in pre-screening and documentation


Today when the world is running behind AI, we are creating world's most shrewd technology using NeuroSymbolic AI to get human-like understanding of our world. BISLU with proprietary Thought Representation Ecosystem creates an intelligent low-power technology. In a nutshell, say what you want in a single line or in as many sentences as you want, BISLU will know what you are saying.



    Our Humble Beginning

    GIPCA (General Intelligence Predictive and Corrective Architecture) is a proprietary architecture and one of the basic building blocks for BISLU. As the names suggests, it is a basic unit which not only predicts output but also corrects it. It uses both supervised & unsupervised learning techniques and hence uses much smaller training datasets.



    An Agent is Born

    BISLU (Brain Inspired Spoken Language Understanding) is a single unified Spoken Language Understanding architecture which uses general intelligence algorithms beyond AI/ML to create a general-purpose language understanding model. BISLU uses ANN, Symbolic AI, Knowledge Bases, Predictive Memories, and many more brain-inspired algorithms to achieve this.

  • TR Ecosystem

    TR Ecosystem

    Thinking Like Humans

    World's first Thought Representation Ecosystem, comprising of unique tools for representing complicated human-like connected thought structures on computers with ease. Proprietary language called ETML (Extended Thought Mark-up Langauge) is used to encode structured-data representing human thoughts.

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