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Company Overview and our Leadership Team

We have a team of experienced AI Research Scientist, AI Software Engineer, UI-UX designers, and Clinical Specialists, supporting our mission to enhance healthcare intelligence. We work at the intersection of Deep Learning and UX Research to make this vision a reality. We have built a proprietary, patent-pending technology that is faster and more accurate than any other speech recognition system.

Mr Baljit Singh is the Co-Founder and CEO of He did his M.Tech from IIT Delhi and has two decades of experience in a variety of roles in technology, business, strategy, and management. He holds wide expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Software Design and the IC Design Industry.

Mr Praveen Prakash is CTO and Co-Founder of He did his Master’s degree from IIT Delhi. He is responsible for all aspects of Technology Development and Deployment. He started his career in Software Engineering at the turn of the century. Hailing from a family of Doctors, healthcare, and well-being have always been his special interest. Intersecting healthcare with technology, Mr Praveen has worked at mTatva making life better for patients and healthcare providers and now with aiming to improve Doctors’ productivity.

Mr Rakesh Chandra is Director-Clinical team at mTatva and leads Delivery and Operations of B2B clientele. Mr Rakesh joined mTatva as a trainee and has grown to become a Director within 6 years and represents the in-house talent of the organization that is grown through the synergy of hard work and mentorship. He is very keen on developing disruptive and path-breaking digital products. He is on a constant lookout for innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. Customer management remains one of the key focus areas for Rakesh. He takes a personal interest in onboarding new clients and ensures hassle-free operations for all the clients to the utmost satisfaction.

At, we understand that Artificial Intelligence is only intelligent in the hands of those who use it. That’s why our innovation in conversational AI begins with listening, analysis, and a deep understanding of each unique entity we serve. Our Medical Scientists and Computer Scientists work closely together to bring healthcare professionals the highest Quality Tools and Services based on Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission is to provide the most powerful tools for AI-assisted analysis to enhance the Digital Voice platform that captures the patient story accurately and efficiently across all major Electronic Health Records (EHR) platforms with secure, cloud-based speech recognition, and transcription. From Scientific Research to Clinical Diagnostics, Our aims to outfit healthcare professionals with the Digital Solutions they need for the shifting landscape of Medicine.

We are a comprehensive mix of experienced scientists and entrepreneurs. Our team brings together expertise in medical sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and different life sciences industries. Patients care is our topmost priority, thus we equip our Doctors with Cutting-Edge Technology that enables them to deliver the highest quality patient care. provides the most innovative technology to improve care and our adoption of the SimboAlpha is the logical next step towards empowering our Doctors to get back to doing what they love—caring for patients.

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